Laura Boynton King, CHt. NLP, Life Coach

Laura King is a renowned Certified Hypnotist, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, Life Coach and as Sports Performance Coach. She is the founder and president of Summit Dynamics, LLC, a consulting service dedicated to helping people attain their goals. An enthusiastic and accomplished equestrian and expert of self-improvement and positive behavior modification, Laura has helped thousands of riders achieve their personal best goals. Laura was trained at the Omni Hypnosis Training Center, The Don Mottin Sports Hypnosis Training Center, and received her NLP training from Dr. William Horton. She also spent over two decades studying with her mentor, Dorothy Gates, Ph.D., who was internationally recognized authority on adult and child development. Laura stays on the leading edge of Hypnosis and NLP through research and continuing education courses.

Sought after by Olympians, cutting-edge CEO’s, public figures, professional athletes, prominent physicians, award winning trainers, and parents of riders, Laura’s technique helps individuals at all levels of riding to improve the mind and body to create positive outcomes.

Laura has written and published several books and workbooks. She has also written and recorded over 150 self-hypnosis MP3s covering topics such as stress management, peak performance, public speaking, overcoming illness, and much more.

In her online course The Power to Win, Laura explains how the use of hypnosis and NLP can easily help anyone conquer fear, build confidence, and obtain unprecedented success. She also teaches individuals how to utilize their minds to make lasting beneficial changes.

Laura is also the author of Perfect Enough. In this empowering book, Laura helps readers realize that we are all “perfect enough” exactly where we stand today. Her premise is that until you can accept where you are in the moment, you are not truly ready to move on and make the changes you desire. Perfect Enough is currently being developed as an online course, that is expected to be available by late Fall of 2021.

The PowerTo Win course teaches how to access your powerful subconscious mind to overcome blocks and produce the desired permanent changes using self-hypnosis and NLP. The results are astounding.